About Cheeky Kea

Cheeky Kea Creations is the multi-purpose imprint label of author, artist & entrepreneur, V. L. Dreyer.  It is divided into the following sub-brands:

Cheeky Kea Printworks (CKP)

CKP is the print label responsible for all written works by the author V. L. Dreyer, and her pen name, Abigail Hawk.  This includes the International Best-Selling Series, The Survivors, and the paranormal romance series, The Immortelle.


Cheeky Kea Treasures (CKT)

CKT is the creative label used on all jewellery items created by V. L. Dreyer, and any similar items. 

Cheeky Kea Mediaworks (CKM)

CKM represents all commercial photography by V. L. Dreyer, including both stock photography, video works, and portraiture.

Q. What Is Cheeky Kea Printworks?

A. Cheeky Kea Printworks began as the personal publishing label of author V. L. Dreyer, and her pen name, Abigail Hawk. In October 2017, it expanded to become a hybrid publishing house with a focus on translating and publishing Polish fiction into English.

Q. Who are you? Are you a real person?

A. No, I am a fabulous, neon-haired robot fuelled by sass and caffeine. Just kidding, I'm a person, though that would be pretty cool. My real name is Victoria Dreyer, and I live in New Zealand. I am an international best-selling science fiction author with over a decade of experience in publishing. I am still fuelled by sass, I had to kick my caffeine addiction for health reasons. It is not recommended to approach me in the early mornings just yet.

Q. If you're an international best-seller, why do you do this?

A. Fun, mostly. Writing is lonely and boring, and it's extremely gratifying to help new authors publish their first books. Every time I watch one of my authors struggling not to cry as they hold their first book in their hands, it makes this all worthwhile.

Q. Can I see your books?

A. Of course! My author website is here.

Q. Why become a hybrid publishing house?

A. I ran a publishing house from 2003 to 2010, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After some down time to recover and focus on my own career, I've decided to get back into it. A friend I was working for found herself in a bit too deep, I offered to buy a few contracts to take the pressure off her, and here we are!

Q. What genres does Cheeky Kea Printworks offer?

A. Our speciality is science fiction and fantasy (including urban fantasy), though we have a handful of miscellaneous books as well. 

Q. I'm an author. Will you publish me?

A. At the moment we're not taking on submissions, but that could change in the future. Watch this space?

Q. I'm an editor/cover artist/translator. Can I work for you?

A. We are certainly interested in hearing from you, but please be advised that we are not currently paying an up-front fee to anyone. Our initial team works for a percentage of future royalties. If that is OK with you, please contact us and we can discuss your situation.