The Immortelle

Earth seems like such a simple place in the modern age. Science has explained away the mysteries of the universe. There are no surprises. Most people laugh off the idea of secret societies and conspiracy theories as the work of fools and madmen.

The problem is, the madmen are right.

The world is secretly ruled by a select group of violent and ruthless immortals that call themselves the Immortelle. These men and women were mortal once, until a mysterious elixir unlocked the greatest potential hidden within their own genetic codes. The exact nature of that power is determined by their own biological origins, but they are ancient, powerful and bow to no mortal.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but in the world of the Immortelle nothing is ever as black or white as it seems.

Recommended Reading Order

The Immortelle series follows the intertwined stories of an assortment of characters across space and time.  The series is designed so that you can pick up any #1 and jump right in without missing too much back story, but there are some things that will make more sense if you read them in a particular order.


The author recommends the following reading order:

  1. The Immortality Clause (Claudia Bell #1)

  2. At First Blush (Dawn Fitzpatrick #1)

  3. Love Thy Enemy (Anya Karekanova #1)

  4. Beneath The Dragon Sun (Anya Karekanova #2)

  5. The Traitor’s Web (Anya Karekanova #3)

  6. The Age Of Steam (Sam Thorne #1)


At the moment, this is also the order in which the books will be released.  Once these six are released, the list will be updated with additional titles.